The Finnish Renovation market size of €12.8 billion and growing, an almost 100% internet penetration rate through handheld devices and an existing 4.1million eCommerce users gives a great foundation for the Construction Gateway offering.

There is an obvious need to make the renovation industry more transparent and create trust between stakeholders within the value chain – to achieve this there is a need to eliminate the unknown for the customer and give companies the ability to showcase their offering, prices and reliability.

The customer needs to be empowered to control each renovation project undertaken and feel in control of costs, materials costs and time frames for completion. Customers need the knowledge and guidance as to what and who is needed at specific points through the project with consideration to any legislative requirements and associated costs.

Renovation companies need to know their customers better, be able to manage expectations, show clear and transparent pricing, material costs and timeframes for completion. They need to be able to showcase their abilities and reliability. They need to be able to place the law of economics at the head of their operations, so ensure viability while securing contracts/deals. They all operate as siloed businesses, having to do the same online activities to gain visibility at the same costs, buy materials at their own risk, no official position as a reseller so must buy products in advance to sell on to customers.

Renovation material suppliers are an integral player in the value chain, yet have limited access to end customers, as they heavily rely on wholesalers/retailers to sell their products and have little way of communicating and partnering with their connection to the end-customer, the builders and construction professionals. There is an untouched reseller network right in front of them.

From an overall perspective, we have seen many technical solutions introduced to buildings, especially in recent years, from electronically controlled lighting systems to advancement in plumbing through to overall energy saving systems. This will further enhance the renovation market as older properties have to be upgraded/updated. However, not much development has transpired in the management of projects, engagement with customers and utilising ecommerce for the sale of materials and fixtures and fittings.

Our value proposition

Our vision is to eradicate the distrust within the renovation market by giving all stakeholders access to a common platform, empowering the customer, renovation company and the connected organisations, from suppliers through to associations/federations.

  • An individual construction professional, specialist and/or firm can leverage the economies of scale by being part of a collective while remain an independent business.
  • Show case their services, expertise and reliability, eradicating any misconception customers may have.
  • Sell products (fixtures & fittings) without the need to buy – new income stream.
  • Save time not having to drive around looking for materials needed for the job.
  • New sales channels to customers.
  • New value chain partnerships, allowing co-creation, co-innovation and cooperation
  • Future proofing their business through transparency and accountability.
  • Can get to know their customer, understand expectations and offer a personalised service.
  • Customers are empowered to manage their own renovation projects, costs and specialists.
  • Can engage with renovation firms/professionals in one place, with proven track records.
  • Clear and transparent costs and timelines.
  • Can purchase/approve the materials directly at each step of the project.
  • Can view what an who is needed at what stage of the project.
  • Intuitive Product automation – will guide contractor/customer as to what products are needed at what stage through the project.
  • Suppliers can showcase their offering and advertise to a ‘buying’ and specific demographic.
  • Can run campaigns and manage their own product data and branding.
  • Suppliers gain a new product entry channel, allowing them to bring products directly and in
    a faster manner to the market.