Business development - what is it after all? Business development means developing an organisation and the people working for it in order to find and create new opportunities to grow. It means inspiring both management and employees to constantly develop and challenge themselves.

The fight against becoming stuck, requires constant attention and development of skills, performance, methods and environment. However, before any of that can happen everybody in the company must truly understand the reason for being – Why we are here and where we want to go, the vision.

In a successful company the management and personnel constantly live, talk and act the vision. Only by understanding human behaviour it is possible to understand business development and business culture is at its core.

Well implemented business culture allows business strategy to really take off. It is a fact that employees, who like their jobs and feel that they are important to the team and employer, are effective and productive. They are loyal and achieving greatness is self-imposed. Another essential part of business culture is the growth; making the place a great one to work, attracting great job applicants who achieve great results.

From our experience, the secret recipe for a great business culture is a mix of a vibrant atmosphere, (that is created by diverse people who come from different cultures with diverse backgrounds and education), and a cosy, functional working environment. Great business culture is co-creation.

The greater the number of people with this versatility being put together, the more innovative, creative and successful the team will be. After all, business culture can only develop by working together.

At the Reseller Gateway we cherish our business culture. We believe that the best environment for our people to succeed in, is one that is permissive and inspiring. Learning and co-creation are highly valued skills already in our recruitment process.

For us it is important that our employees are not afraid to make mistakes and take risks, after all, this is the best learning there is. We want everyone to feel valuable, equal and an important part of what we do, not just today but every day.

To develop a business is a never-ending task. It requires constant reflection and fine tuning of what it is we do and how we do it. Business Development is a combination of HR business partnering and office management, coupled with knowledge of both finance and psychology.