In the Finnish pharmacy industry, the ‘frontline’ contact with the customer is the pharmacist/pharmacy – they are the penultimate endpoint of the value chain before the customer. They act as competing silos and through legislative restrictions cannot be allied in terms of risk management, data collection and profit sharing. This has created a disconnect between direct and indirect members of the value chain within the industry itself and connected fields.

We have also seen a tougher business environment in which pharmacies need to operate; declining margins, limited physical space, threat of competition from retailers and overseas pure-play pharmacies.

There is also a great push for digitalisation within the Healthcare industry in general, where healthcare providers are leaning towards offering their customers a 360 offering, such as virtual doctor consultation and e-prescriptions, however you would still need to put on your jacket and boots and head towards a pharmacy to get your medicines. So, this 360 offering comes to an abrupt stop when it comes to receiving medicines.

Implementing our Gateway solution...

Through a customised Reseller Gateway offering we have created the ePharma ecosystem that unites and empowers all direct and indirect value chain members in the pharmacy world by giving them a place, an ecosystem, to exist and thrive within. It allows individual pharmacies to be part of a collective, acquiring all the advancements in terms of technology, partnership opportunities and economies of scale, while remaining as an individual pharmacy in accordance with legislation. We do this through a centralised ecommerce platform and decentralised points of sales.

Each pharmacy gets a webshop and positioning within a vertical market app – ‘apteekki’. A customer chooses their local partner pharmacy and can conduct their business as they would if they physically visit the pharmacy. The pharmacy can view orders in real time and process in accordance with any legislative requirements and fully serve the customer. A customer can choose multiple options to get the order delivered or can ‘click and collect’.

Pharmaceutical companies can manage and showcase their products through the ecosystem and reach the customer like never before.

We have also created an ‘app in app’ solution for a leading Healthcare provider, Mehiläinen – inside their OmaMehiläinen there is our digi-pharmacy which includes all epharma partnering pharmacies.
Insurance companies can now support and partner with independent pharmacies through one connection point.

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