"Consumers are skilled at using technology to their advantage and thrive on gathering information when shopping, “

"This year's UPS study revealed that 45% of online shoppers love the thrill of hunting for and finding great deals, and that physical stores continue to play an important role in that experience. The challenge is how to best engage with shoppers to fulfil their desires. “

Teresa Finley, Chief Marketing Officer at UPS, according to media releases on the study – 2016 https://www.inc.com/peter-roesler/ups-study-shows-e-commerce-driving-online-and-in-store-sales.html

Blending the physical and virtual shopping experience is something retailers have been doing for some time now, yet when we consider a shopping mall experience, virtually, we are yet to see a truly blended approach – unless of course you download 100’s of apps for each retailer inside of the many shopping malls each country has.

The shopping mall is ore than a location to shop, it has evolved to a place of cultural offerings and a gathering place for people to socialise, dine, be entertained and garner information about their local community.

The Gateway is engaged in an exciting project with a large Real Estate Investment company in Poland developing a truly blended shopping mall experience, connecting inline tenants and show casing their offerings; allowing a visitor to make purchases online from multiple retailers in one cart, gain grouped discounts and rebates, be informed about cultural, career and entertainment events being hosted by the shopping mall.  Creating and serving the new demographic the blended online and physical visitor.