We started off in the world of website production, developing a platform for website publication primarily serving the advertising agencies of the world. It wasn’t long before we started to gain an in-depth knowledge of differing industries and realised there were so many businesses acting as silos, despite being part of a value chain, producing websites, apps and online tools, all independently while trying to capture data and customers.

So off we went on a journey of discovery and stumbled and fumbled our way through the creative building process to produce an ecosystem that connects businesses, partners, and customers within a vertical market. We digitalise the value chain from customer to product owner through a centralised platform for all and de-centralised points of sale.

We realised that the Gateway was incredibly versatile in its application and could be used in multiple ways with multiple purposes that would negate risks inherent for value chain members. For example, it allows entities to sell without the need to buy, lets suppliers find new resellers in new markets and geographical locations without the traditional investments needed normally, and it made it easy for customers to find and buy new products through one point on their phone through a vertical app, or an app in app or multiple points such as individual web-shops.

We all come to work each day with a curiosity to create, apply and find verticals where the gateway ideology and ecosystem fit or can be applied in different ways. And to innovate, build and create new elements that have impact out there in the real world.