Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been a key driver of the increase in the lighting market in the UK and across many countries globally both non-domestic and domestic markets.  This technology has promoted a period of innovation and expansion of technologies, integrated products and lighting solutions.  Driven also by government initiatives towards energy saving.

The Gateway have entered into a partnership with Infinity Energy Services Ltd and have created TradeLink Pro, an application that automates the surveying and proposal aspects for LED contractors across the UK.

Contractors can now turn up to a gig with their phone in hand and complete a thorough survey of the existing lighting and use the automated LED replacement functionality and produce a professional and informative proposal for the customer.  It calculates the savings over a period of time based on multiple factors from hours of use, the room layout through to any government/municipality grants and/or subsidies.

Customers get an instant idea of the possible savings and a professional proposal with all the considerations necessary to make an informed decision.  They can simply accept the proposal and the rest will be taken care of.

Suppliers can now showcase their offering directly to a captive audience of contractors and contractors get an array of products to choose from.