Within the voluntary fire service industry in Finland, there are more than 700 local units that undertake various jobs to generate funding to keep the local operation viable. These jobs can range from maintaining outdoor ice rinks through to assisting in stunts for production companies. This activity is necessary to generate the required resources, so these voluntary fire service units can remain open and serve the local communities as an invaluable emergency service.

This activity however deflects time, energy and resources away from core activities these units could be focused on, such as equipment maintenance, knowledge of local buildings, roads and areas that could be improved from a preventative perspective. And providing advice and consultation on best practice, preventative measures and emergency response policies regarding municipality owned and public facilities.

By applying the Reseller Gateway ecosystem each local voluntary fire unit can now generate income through selling fire safety equipment and related products – without the need to buy in advance. And now have the tools to assess and consult on emergency preventative measures in municipality and public facilities. From updating emergency response plans and equipping each location with the best and most relevant emergency preventative equipment and keeping it, all updated and maintained.

They also get more time to focus on issues related to their very core function – to serve their communities in a reactive and preventative way. They now can spend time to gain a better understanding of their local environment and initiate change to improve high-risk issues, for example, connected to road safety.

Each unit gets their own webshop and positioning in the VPK Gateway app and can sell products to individuals, businesses and municipalities. They can also sell their consultative services benefiting the local community. Local residents, businesses and municipalities can purchase their fire alarms, blankets, fire extinguishers and much more knowing they are supporting their local unit and thus themselves. All for FREE.

Product and brand owners now have multiple points of sale through one point of data management. They reach audiences through new avenues where the decision to but is more value led.